Charlotte Ronson

Space vari­able
Bei­jing, China

We were requested to design stores for pop­ular New York based fashion designer, Char­lotte Ronson, to be launched in China. Being the first store designed from scratch, we explored many dif­ferent ideas and branding con­cepts as a basis for retail design. With the use of simple, straight for­ward mate­rials, like con­crete flooring, metal mesh for the ceiling, and the logo painted on curvi­linear walls, we tried to present a simple palette as the back­ground for the changing clothes display.

The brand logo sten­ciled plexi-glass dis­play boxes are intended to be mod­ular and move­able to accom­mo­date for dif­ferent dis­play set­tings. With the first stores built in Shanghai and Hong Kong, the owners intend to build 200 more stores, bou­tiques, and kiosks throughout China.