Brooklyn Hotel

Brooklyn, NY

This hotel design was a response to an invited com­pe­ti­tion spon­sored by a Brooklyn-based hotel devel­oper. The chal­lenge was to create a 40–50 room hotel on a site of a sup­posed Under­ground Rail­road struc­ture. The design pro­posed to memo­ri­alize this sig­nif­i­cant part of the his­toric site while re-appropriating the brick mate­rial of the struc­ture into a new struc­ture that would be part of the hotel. More

Simul­ta­ne­ously the ground floor would con­nect directly to the future Willoughby Park. As part of rethinking this type of urban hotel, fea­tures in the hotel that attempt to con­nect the local cul­ture of the local Brooklyn neigh­bor­hood. One such fea­ture is a live/work studio suite which would be spon­sored by a local art insti­tu­tion sup­porting young artists in the neigh­bor­hood from the Brooklyn region. Throughout the building, sus­tain­able con­cept sys­tems are implored, such as grey water col­lec­tion, roof top garden for the hotel’s restau­rant, facade shading devices, and echo-sensitive mate­rials. The gal­letarien approach to the design is also rep­re­sented by the fact that every room in the hotel has a view of the lush park below.