MIG Offices

2,200 SF
Wash­ington, DC

2008 AIA New York Chapter
Design Award Winner

The Mar­itime Intel­li­gence Group is an intel­li­gence con­sulting group focused on water-based activ­i­ties. At our ini­tial meeting, they requested us to pro­vide an alter­na­tive to the pre­vailing fed­eral style inte­riors found in DC.

As an overall approach, we decided to empha­size the raw, unadorned space. With a rational layout, we selected sub­dued mate­rials and colors as a response to the client’s busi­ness cul­ture. Wher­ever pos­sible, detailing was kept clear and simple. More

New walls and ceil­ings were treated more like inter­ven­tions than per­ma­nent fix­tures. As a sub­text to the design, we explored custom lighting con­cepts in lieu of typ­ical office fix­tures. Above the main work­sta­tions a series of bare, T8 flu­o­res­cent strips hover above a sheet of reflec­tive acrylic. They reflect light down­ward. The felt-clad divider walls between desks have mod­i­fied, under­cab­inet lights for task lighting. The flu­o­res­cent lighting above the offices pro­vide light through sheets of poly­car­bonate for dif­fused, even lighting.

Other mate­rials include a recy­cled polypropy­lene foam for acoustic and tack­able sur­faces and acid-etched, lam­i­nated glass. Along the entire window wall, a translu­cent para­chute fabric obscures the random and odd-shaped win­dows. Dark wood panels iden­tify the entry and con­fer­ence room storage wall.