Millerton Pool House


The Millerton Pool House is the second WFORA/WFORC project for a pri­vate client located in Dutchess County, NY.

Design began in the summer of 2014 after the owners decided to rebuild their existing pool house. The orig­inal struc­ture lacked proper mois­ture bar­riers allowing con­den­sa­tion to dete­ri­o­rate wood mem­bers and ceiling enclosures.


Pre­lim­i­nary study models show var­ious roof sys­tems and their configurations.


Studies were done to find an appro­priate uni­form roof system that could clear span the pool deck. Options included a metal tetra­he­dral space frame, a diag­onal primary/secondary wood beam system and a Sol Lewitt inspired timber grid. Ulti­mately, these sys­tems were either too heavy or not fit for a wet environment.


A steel truss system was finally employed as the roof sup­port. The guiding geom­etry was to create a uni­form ceiling plan while also pro­viding the min­imum pitch for the exte­rior roof sur­face. A large sky­light kinks up the trusses to loft the cen­tral space above the pool.


The final design reduced the number of steel trusses to a bal­ance of weight and struc­tural efficiency.